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Great ways to relax your mind

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Going out in the sun is a great way to relax your mind, enjoy nature, and as you are out you can also get your vitamin D. There are many natural things we can enjoy in nature that our mind, body and soul will benefit from.

Here are some tips to explore to help you get grounded, calm your mind, relax your body and feed your soul. If you live near a beach drive to the beach take off your shoes feel the sand and water between your toes and breathe in the fresh air of God. Get connected with your inner-self allow yourself to be present and appreciate where you are at in the moment of your life. If you live near the countryside take a drive through the hills, find a lake, or find a safe spot to park your car and just walk and witness all the animals you see in the fields, smell the flowers, and enjoy watching the leaves bristle through the wind as the tree trunk stands still. The tree does not move, does not wither, but the leaves will move from the wind, and you can see squirrels running up and down the branches. The tree is a firm foundation for the leaves, the squirrels and the fruit that may be growing on it. The same way that the Lord is a firm foundation for us. If you live in a busy city, go out and just sit at a near by park or an outside coffee shop sip some tea or coffee, people watch explore the environment, listen to the music, smile and breathe in and out as you enjoy your inner peace, calmness, and just being present. I hope you enjoy these tips as much as I have experiencing them and sharing them with you. These are some of my favorite things to do to just be present, enjoy the Lord's presence, and unwind my mind and just be.. You may also want to take a notepad and pen with you and write down what your inner most thoughts. When we are present and still is when we are most likely to be more creative and our ideas will flow.


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